project mom: simple, beautiful, real

March 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I have been brainstorming for quite some time about how to capture the most realistic moments involved with being a mom. My life currently revolves around caring for my 2 1/2 year old daughter and each day there are small, perfect moments that I wish that I could preserve forever. These moments are what has inspired project mom. My goal is to spend "ordinary" time with moms, families and children... to capture the things that make our jobs the most worthwhile. The ordinary things that fade in our memory. The things that come to mind for me are taking a big whiff of my daughters head, eyes closed, drifting as if in an almost meditative state... the wonder of learning and succeeding at something new: using a crayon or glue stick or scissors... gazing at a nursling in the most peaceful moment that one can imagine... ahhhhhhh

Yes, there are also moments that are more... challenging. And those are all part of the process. Real life!

My idea is to apply my artistic, fly on the wall style to the beautiful, everyday lives of real moms. Project mom sessions can take place in the family home or outside, at a park, at a museum, or any favorite place. I am so, so excited about the possibilities that this project will bring. If this is something that interests you or someone you know, please contact me!  Wouldn't this make a fantastic Mother's or Father's Day gift??  ;)



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